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Fishing The Devil's River

November 03, 2014

       Its hard to imagine a better time of year to fish the Devil’s River in southwest Texas than late October. The oppressive desert heat has given way to daytime highs in the 80s and the nighttime is just right for sleeping without the unwanted chill of a November cold front.  It was under these near perfect conditions that DW from ReelFly Outfitters dropped us off at San Pedro point just upstream from Dolan Falls.  My cousin Dustin, our friend Carey and I brought fly rods, bass flies, baitcasters, crankbaits and soft plastics.  Only Carey had run the river before and neither Dustin or I had ever caught a smallmouth so after carefull planning and months of anticipation we... Continue Reading →

Prepping, Paddling and Surviving the Devil’s River

October 31, 2014

          I was a bit apprehensive about our trip to the Devil’s River in Southwest Texas this year. It’s the kind of trip that requires a lot of planning for spending several days in the wild desert without cell reception or easy access to roads.  You’re fishing crystal clear waters, braving various classes of rapids and evading the storied observations of jealous land owners along its banks.  Finding a legal camping site would prove somewhat difficult and once you launched, there would be no turning back for missing supplies.            The Devil’s River is a spring fed desert river that doesn’t belong where it is. Its Caribbean-like gin clear water feeds Lake Amistad which lies along... Continue Reading →