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Trout Fest On!

March 23, 2014

Trip Report:  Late Winter 2014 Location:  Goose Island State Park All you need are your own two feet and a pair of wade boots to get into some good winter trout this year.  This should be no secret to the seasoned coastal angler, but to the newer ones it may be a surprise.   Most coastal angling is associated with fast boats that can cover some pretty skinny water and get you to exotic flats quick.  As long as you find an area where the trout can find food, cover and tidal current then it doesn’t take an hour boat ride to tear them up.  On a recent trip to Goose Island State Park just north of Rockport, TX my... Continue Reading →

About Our Kickstarter Campaign

January 13, 2014

For our 2014 Rockport fishing shirt, we decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign.  This campaign will enable us to make a 2nd production run with our apparel manufacturer.  This run will be a larger run allowing us to add women's styles, short sleeve versions and some cool new colors to our fishing shirt apparel line.   You can watch our video and learn about our campaign by clicking here. We want to thank everyone for your support during the early days of our Kickstarter campaign.  We literally can't do this without your support.  For those that are new to Kickstarter, please know that Kickstarter has an 'all or nothing' format.  In other words, if we don't reach our $35,000 goal,... Continue Reading →